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Rodica Vica (soprano) and Maxim Belciug (guitar) make a special duo whose music shines with vivid and inspired charm.

Without all props and fireworks that typically come with great opera productions, they get to reveal a more intimate and thus particularly expressive feature of bel canto, which touches the human soul more genuinely as casing leaves further room to expression.

Polychromatic and variegatedly textured, Rodica Vica’s singing naturally blends with the sometimes velvety and subtle, sometimes rough, percussive, flamenco sound of the guitar, creating an actual dialogue that stirs the deep roots of music.

“The guitar is a small orchestra”

“The guitar is a small orchestra”, avowed Berlioz in his Grand Treatise on Instrumentation, and the music that Rodica Vica and Maxim Belciug make together is perhaps an ideal illustration of this judgment.

Nothing misses: attention to details and seamless understanding of music, dreamy, melancholic character, pure, angelic singing and striking furors with brilliant mood changes, virtuoso technique and stirring eloquence, allegiance to tradition and artful ways to innovate.

They’re both accomplished musicians: Rodica Vica, in spite of her age, has a blooming international career, while Maxim Belciug is praised as Romania’s most charismatic classical guitarist. Maybe this is why they have such a huge, contagious joy in making music together. And maybe this is what makes their music so convincing. They look so natural on stage and music springs so graceful that one may fail to remember that such performance requires great virtuosity and calls upon most of the coloratura soprano’s technical array.

The effect is utterly captivating: with Rodica Vica and Maxim Belciug music is not only sung, but experienced each time as a first time, and gives birth to countless feelings that are almost tangible. And nothing is more rewarding for the public.